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Terms and conditions

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We have created our site to be useful, informative and entertaining. We hope that we have succeeded, and that you will help us to be even better. All that we ask of you is to abide by the TERMS OF USE CONDITIONS that follow. Read them carefully because by using our pages you automatically agree with them.


1. Permitted use
Downloading, reviewing published materials and printing forms on this site is only for personal purposes. It is forbidden to publicly display, transmit, publish, modify, reproduce, distribute, participate in the transfer or sale and make copies, postpone, and any other use of the full content of this site or part of the site without the express written permission of Kutjevo d.d. and other copyright owners. If permission is issued, it is not permitted to delete or modify existing data relating to copyright or trade mark.

2. Use for commercial purposes
It is forbidden to use the pages of Kutjevo d.d. for trade, sale, and for other commercial purposes except for the purchase of Kutjevo d.d. The advertisement of third legal and natural persons may be disclosed only by written permission or on the basis of a written contract or agreement. It is forbidden to upload and publish content that is contrary to public morals, positive regulations of the Republic of Croatia as well as content that contains viruses or other harmful material that would disallow the regular use of these pages. Users take over any responsibility for damage resulting from their actions that do not comply with the foregoing bans. Kutjevo d.d. reserves the right to remove all or part of the contents posted on its pages.

3. Provide content and materials
By submitting content and materials (suggestions, ideas, drawings, photos, texts) to the address Kutjevo dd you issue or warrant that the owner of the material has explicitly allowed Kutjevo d.d. irrevocable, permanent, exclusive rights to use, adapt and modify, adhere to other works, translate, publish, transfer and distribute received material in any form and through all existing media and future media for any purpose and without charge.

1.Opseg copyright law
The content of these pages is protected by the copyright law of Kutjevo d.d. or it was transferred to Kutjevo d.d. and owned by third parties. Kutjevo d.d. is the copyright owner of editing, selecting, and synchronizing the contents of these pages. Internet site Kutjevo d.d. contain trademarks, names of individuals and other intellectual property in the possession of Kutjevo d.d. or owned by third parties. No website content can be used without restriction.

2. Pictures and videos
All photos, pictures, videos, texts, personal data and other information appearing on the internet site belong to Kutjevo d.d. Permission to use can be given to third parties for use solely for advertising, editorial and information purposes, for publication in daily and weekly newspapers, magazines and electronic media. In addition to the foreseen use of the content and materials of the website Kutjevo d.d. is not allowed.
Confirmed Permission and Use of Internet Site Kutjevo d.d. shall not be transferred, subcontracted or assigned to third parties so that any transfer, subcontracting or assignment attempt shall be considered null and void.
By using content and materials from the Kutjevo d.d. web site media users are bound to abide by the established restrictions, requirements and terms of use.

Kutjevo d.d. will attempt to publish accurate and up-to-date information on its pages but does not assume responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of these and will not accept objections to the information that has been disclosed. Except for guarantees for products that Kutjevo d.d. the Kutjevo d.d. disclaims any liability for any consequences that may arise due to a different interpretation of content and materials on the web site. Kutjevo d.d. does not guarantee that the website will have no errors and viruses. The user is using the website at his own risk.
Kutjevo d.d. does not respond to any kind of damage caused by the use or inability to use any part of the web site or content posted on it or added to other users.
Media companies and other users of the Kutjevo d.d. web site by using the content and materials on these web sites, they are compensated for all forms of damage suffered by Kutjevo dd, and are caused by their negligent use.
The mention of any particular product, process or service that has a market name, trademark, manufacturer or similar on Kutjevo d.d. pages does not mean that the same Kutjevo d.d. or any employee of Kutjevo d.d. advertises, recommends, or favors.
This site is optimized for viewing with a resolution of 1024x768 or higher in Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0+, Opera 9.5+, Firefox 3.0+, Google Chrome or Safari 3.0+, with a minimum link speed of 56Kbps. It is also recommended that you enable JavaScript and Pop-up in your browser settings, and that you have an updated version of Flash to display some of the content on your site.
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