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Kutjevo d.d.

Kutjevo d.d.

Monday, 28 August 2017 13:49

Worker's sport games 2017.

Worker's sport games of  Kutjevo d.d. and the joint stock companies owned by Mr. Enver Moralić (Božjakovina d.d. and Đakovačka vina d.d. ) were held on 26.08.2017. in BU Ratarstvo, facility Ovčara. These were the jubilee 20. Worker's sports games organized by the Independent Workers' Union in Food and Beverage Production. RSI expenses were jointly held by the Union and Kutjevo dd. 520 sausages were prepared for the participants in the breakfast roll, and for lunch were roasted 18 porks and heifer, and during the whole day the participants were able to relive with Osječko beer (cca 700 liters) and coke (approx. 500 liters), of course with Kutjevo GRASEVINA (about 250 liters).

Participants of RSI participated in 5 sports in mini football, volleyball, bowling, belot and darts.

The most successful by sports were:

a) In mini football
- The first place was won by the BU Winegrowing and winery team
- The second place was won by Đakovačka vina d.d.
- Third place was won by the BU Cattle production team

b) In volleyball (mixed teams)
- The first place was won by the OU Management Board
- The second place was won by the BU Seed production Team
- Third place was won by BU Cooperation team

c) In bowling (male)
- The first place was won by the BU Cooperation team
- The second place was won by the team of BU Papuk
- Third place was won by the team of BU Winegrowing and winery - object Krivaj

d) In belot (mixed pairs)
- The first place was won by Bešlić - Soldo from BU Winegrowing and winery - object Krivaj
- The second place was the pair Hegediš - Katić from BU Farming - facility Kula
- Third place was won by a couple of Kotiz - Markanjevic from the OU Management Board

e) In darts (women)
- The first place was won by the BU Cooperation team
- The second place was won by the BU Winegrowing and winery team
- Third place was won by BU Papuk

There were 343 employees of Kutjevo d.d., 28 workers of Đakovačka vina d.d., 29 retired workers of Kutjevo d.d. and 19 guests (union activists from Belje d.d., Iločki podrumi d.d., Plamen and Đuro Đaković), which means that 437 persons attended the RSI in total.
All present on RSI was entertained by the Safir music band.


Friday, 01 September 2017 13:41

Start of grape harvest in Kutjevo d.d.

In Kutjevo d.d. vineyards on August 29 and 30th 2017 valuable hands of our pickers has begun this year's grape harvest. Grapes are picked on the vineyard sites of Škomić and Hrnjevac.

Muscat Otonel and Pinot gris are varieties with which the harvest began. According to the first indicators, the ideal ratio of acids and sweeteners from this year's harvest promises top quality wines.

Friday, 08 September 2017 13:27

ISCC certificate

Since August 2017 Kutjevo d.d. became the holder of the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification System (ISCC) certification in the field of biomass production and purchase of biogas.
The ISCC standard is one of the leading certification systems for sustainability and greenhouse gas emissions in the EU and is recognized as one of the first certification programs to demonstrate compliance with EU renewable energy directive requirements. By adopting and applying the ISCC norm, our production is classified as sustainable production, ie. producers and buyers that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and sustainable development is considered one of the basic principles of its business.
Friday, 13 October 2017 12:48

Tourist attractions of Kutjevo d.d.

For all information on visiting and wine tasting in Kutjevo d.d., please contact:
Valentina Silović, mag.oecc.
Head of BU Agro tourism
E-mail: valentina.silovic@kutjevo.com

In case you are interested in eating at the "Kutjevački podrum" restaurant, please contact:
Tomislav Glasnović
Restaurant manager
E-mail: restoran@kutjevo.com
Thursday, 29 March 2018 12:00

General informations

Company name:
Kutjevo Joint Stock Company for Production and Trading of Agricultural and Food Products

Short name:
Kutjevo d.d.

Company headquarters:
Kralja Tomislava 1
34340 Kutjevo

Tax number:

Entity registration number:

PIN (Personal Identification Number):


EORI number:

Core capital paid in full:
355.321.450,00 kn

Number of shares:

Nominal value of share:
50.00 kn


Privredna banka Zagreb, Radnička cesta 50, Zagreb

Chairman of The Board:
Enver Moralić

Members of The Board:
Dino Galić, Boro Matijević

Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board:
Maxim Moralić

Kutjevo d.d., the largest and most important wine producer in Croatia, has presented its new vintage of premium Graševina 2017.

Kutjevo Winery on Thursday, February 15, 2018, in Bornstein's wine exhibition, presented its new premium Graševina harvest 2017, and is among the first to put it on the market in late January.

Top quality Graševina is our most valued wine, and the new vintage is produced in an attractive and modern style with the aim of following world trends in wine making. It is characterized by a golden color of greenish, rich and varied fruity-herbal bouquet and extremely fresh aromas. This wine represents a stunning match for all the most important components of this unique variety. Graševina 2017 delivers a pleasantly warm rounded round resemblance to a recognizable refreshingly moderately gourmet retro flavor with well-preserved and incorporated acids.

Mr. Ivan Marinclin, the main oenologist of Kutjevo winery, spoke to the guests, saying: "Last year, in the vineyard sense, it was extremely difficult - the temperatures were falling in April, the summer was extremely hot and arid and only with timely vintage they could avoid bad effects for grapes, and eventually wine. In Kutjevo we are extremely pleased with last year's harvest. Top quality Graševina is of exceptional quality, and what I am looking forward to is the freshness and the accentuated aroma in it. This grapevine is produced from grapes from our best vineyards, Vetovo, Hrnjevac and Vinkomir, which guarantees the highest quality of raw materials for the production of this top quality wine. I believe that the premium Graševina in 2017 will shine on the market as well as many of the foremost ones who have been on the road to wine lovers across the region and beyond for decades. "

The presentation of our premium Graševina was held in the presence of numerous media representatives - journalists, bloggers and photographers who will faithfully follow us in future business successes.

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