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Kutjevo d.d.

Kutjevo d.d.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018 07:54

History and tradition

The historical beginning of Kutjevo d.d., is closely related to the development of its main activity - viticulture. Over time, numerous changes have taken place regarding the ownership of agricultural holdings, vineyards and basements in the Požega valley, such as feudal churches and state or noblemanships, then civil-capitalist holdings, and after the II. the World War, the integration of several small economies, agricultural cooperatives, smaller agricultural holdings, and some of the processing-food facilities from the Pozesko-slavonsko area form PPK Kutjevo.
The company becomes the bearer of the Pozega region. The activities he dealt with included activities related to agricultural production from raw materials to final products.
In 2003, the company was privatized and the majority of shares purchased by Bozjakovina d.d. owner of an international entrepreneur Mr. Enver Moralić.
Today, production is organized in three sectors: Vineyard production within which is: BU Vinogradarstvo i vinarstvo.
Plant production within which is: BU Ratarstvo, BU Sjemenarstvo, BU Kooperacija and BU Pozezanka (Plant Silo).
The livestock production within which is located: BU Stocarstvo

Tuesday, 10 April 2018 07:54

Company policy

Kutjevo d.d. is a company focused on the demands of its consumers, and the success of their satisfaction measures their market success. In order to successfully achieve our goal, we bring the following quality policy: We strive to create such a relationship among customers of our products from which we will easily recognize their needs and possible change in the trend in their demand.
This relationship allows us to adapt faster to market trends and thereby generates future success. In the paper we apply the latest knowledge and technology by upgrading them to the legacy, heritage and knowledge of the past generations that have built this company.
When selecting future staff, we insist on their expertise and ambition because this fact guarantees the positive effects of business in the future and the continuation of the tradition for many centuries.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018 07:54

Social responsibility of the company

Kutjevo d.d. is a company that promotes equality, democratic relations, the culture of living and the richness of the table in its work.

Education and development of human resources
Kutjevo d.d. he carefully plans to develop and educate his human resources. It cares about every man, his family and their existence, and thus creates a comfortable working environment. We offer young people the opportunity to prove and fulfill their professional aspirations, and with their work we increase the overall ability of the company to meet the needs of consumers

Sustainable development
Due to the business philosophy that customers and employees are at the heart of, attention to the environment is our commitment to future generations. With our work we contribute to raising awareness of the necessity of sustainable development by offering products that improve table quality in a way that they are produced by the efficient use of natural goods.

Health protection
All our products meet the strictest nutrition requirements and their consumption in daily recommended quantities does not disturb human health. Ingredients embedded in our products go through scrutiny, and equipment and facilities meet the strictest sanitary requirements. Our goal is to become the best company in Croatia in the care of the health and safety of customers.

Assistance in the work of associations, organizations and sports clubs
With our work we support the activities of numerous social organizations from our environment. Among the associations we work with are: KUD Bektež, KUD Poljadija - Grabarje, Panduri Trenkovi, Konjički klub Božjakovina, NK Kutjevo, Water Polo club Dubrovnik, handball club Kutjevački basement - Požega.
These sponsorships are primarily intended to support the work of sections that specifically involve our employees or respond to the sense of social responsibility that we have.
Tuesday, 10 April 2018 07:54


ISO 9001: 2015 - Quality Management System
The quality management system means a quality process management and is based on the assumption that all employees are involved in our work with activities related to the continuous improvement of the quality of our products and services, which ultimately means improving our business.
Integrated quality management system has been implemented in our business for the whole decade and our adaptation to the new edition of ISO 9001: 2015 ensures our further progress. Our desire is to increase customer satisfaction through increased quality control of products and services, delivery times, prices, and other factors important to meet the needs and wishes of our consumers.

pdfCertificate ISO 9001:2015

HACCP - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points System - The system for monitoring the safety of food and feed
The implementation of the HACCP system ensures the identification, assessment and control of all dangers that could affect consumer health, ensuring communication across the food chain related to product safety, and internal communication related to the development, implementation and modernization of the system. Periodic evaluation and analysis of the process, thanks to the use of recent information, allows control of potential dangers within it, with emphasis on preventive actions where all potential risks are controlled by pre-determined procedures.

pdfCertificate HACCP
The ISCC EU standard is one of the leading certification systems for sustainable biomass and greenhouse gas emissions in the EU, and is recognized as one of the first certification programs to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of the EU Renewable Energy Directive. By adopting and implementing the ISCC EU norms, our Farming Plantation and First Gathering Points are considered sustainable production, ie. producers and buyers that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and sustainable development is considered one of the basic principles of their business. The aim of introducing this standard is to ensure the identification and traceability, breeding and purchase of biomass for the production of biofuels. Periodical evaluation and system analysis ensures the accuracy and authenticity of the data.

pdfISCC EU certificate Kutjevo d.d.

Kutjevo dd ecological certificate confirms the commitment to ensuring the conditions for organic plant production and the fulfillment of conditions laid down in the EU Regulation on Ecological Production, Labeling of Ecological Products and Control Implementation.
Ecological agriculture is an important entrepreneurial concept that can contribute to achieving better environmental protection and improving living conditions. Thus, the contribution of our ecological agriculture to the protection of the health and life of humans and animals, the preservation of nature and the environment and the protection of consumers is significant as an incentive for the development of such a form of production in this area and in the future will be the strategic goal of Kutjevo d.d. in the further development of agricultural production.

pdfCertificate of ecological production

In order to improve our business, better manage and protect business data Kutjevo d.d. has decided to implement ISO27001: 2013 Information Security Management. Within the framework of the Information Security Management standard, we have also ensured better protection of personal data of both our business partners and our employees in accordance with EU Regulation on the protection of personal data 679/2016. We are proud to say that we have been successfully certified since 25.07.2019 and that our goal is still to improve information security management by further investing in IT equipment and educating our employees.

pdfCertificate ISO-27001

Monday, 09 April 2018 12:58

Structure of employees

QualificationNumber of employees
NKV 114
PKV 55
KV 54
SSS 299
VŠS 57
VSS 92
MR 2

Data 31.07. 2019.

Monday, 09 April 2018 12:58

Contact phones

Human resources department

Kralja Tomislava 1, 34340 Kutjevo
Telephone: 00385-(0)34-255-002
Fax: 00385-(0)34-255-947
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Vila Vinkomir

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Wine cellar

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