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Wednesday, 19 June 2019 10:46

Terms and Conditions

By using the site owned by the company you enter into legal contract with the company Kutjevo Inc., by which you have certain rights and obligations. By virtue of your access, use, search, review, or any similar act, you unambiguously confirm that you have read, understood and agreed to be bound by these rights and that you will comply with the terms of this Agreement (hereinafter: the Agreement) and these Terms of Use (hereinafter "Terms"), as well as all legal norms and related legal and regulatory provisions resulting from this Agreement and these Terms, according to the applicable laws of the Republic of Croatia. If you disagree with any part of this site, or any provision of this Agreement and the Terms, please do not use the website www.kutjevo.com (hereinafter the website), and any other materials resulting from the use of the web pages (guides, analyzes, articles, texts, etc.). Kutjevo Inc. reserves the right to change the content of these Terms at any time and to terminate access to this Website without prior notice. On this website it is also important to pay attention to the notes related to ownership rights and copyrights regulated by the Law on Copyright and Related Rights (Narodne Novine 167/03 and 79/07).
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Each article downloaded from the website (whether it is downloaded by leaving an e-mail address or by direct downloading or copying from a web site) is considered a protected copy of Kutjevo dd and is protected as such by the Copyright and Related Rights Act (Narodne Novine 167 / 03 and 79/07). The use and printing of this content is permitted only for the purpose of information and personal, non-commercial use. Users are not permitted to copy, modify, transmit, publish or revise content articles without the written permission of Kutjevo Inc. Users are not permitted to use any form of public use of copyright (the public use of the work is "any use of a publicly accessible piece of work or use in a space accessible to members of the public, as well as to allow members of the public access to the work of art at the time and place which they themselves choose (via the Internet) "- State Intellectual Property Office, www.dziv.hr). If you want to use guides and articles from the web site for purposes that are not covered by the Copyright and Related Rights Act, contact Kutjevo d.d. to e-mail kutjevo@kutjevo.com and explain in detail the need for this type of use.
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At certain points within the website and at a certain time, Kutjevo Inc. will collect personal user data. These data will be used to contact and register users, and for the statistical purposes of visits to a website. Kutjevo Inc. Guarantees that will not sell the data collected in this way.
Editing and deleting user's data and removing email addresses from mailing lists is possible by using links to remove / edit the data contained in the footeers of promotional e-mails of the company Kutjevo Inc. For information about their data, users can contact the official email address.
By sending, signing an agreement or direct contact, the user voluntarily make available their data and thereby allows the same used for the protection of personal interest in all the work that is contracted with Kutjevo Inc..
The collection and processing of personal data of the user includes the forwarding of the same to third parties and companies in the Republic of Croatia and abroad. Third parties are all natural persons and companies which are necessary for the realization of contracted projects.
Data storage is done for an indefinite period of time.
Also, Kutjevo Inc. reserves the right to publish company names as their references on www.kutjevo.com, unless otherwise expressly specified by the Cooperation Agreement.
On the www.kutjevo.com web site, the purpose of insights into the statistics of visits is to use Google Analytics, which provides access to resources from social networks, e-mails, ad platforms, web search engines and other online services and tools.
Website usage guarantee
Kutjevo Inc. does not warrant, expressly or impliedly, that the contents of the website and / or linked pages are complete or updated; that the website and / or related pages will always be available and available and that it will not contain errors, viruses, worms, and other computer programs that could cause harm to users, registered users, or third parties. Each user and registered user explicitly accepts the use of this website at their sole discretion. You, and not Kutjevo Inc., are accepting all possible costs related to the maintenance or repair of computer equipment. Any guarantee given on this site applies only to services provided by Kutjevo Inc.. Kutjevo Inc. and emphasizes that all materials and content on the website should be taken "as is", and the Kutjevo Inc. does not consider itself responsible for any possible consequences that may result from different interpretation of material and content on the website.

These terms apply from 14 March 2019.
Friday, 29 March 2019 08:43

Laski riesling quality wine 2018

Monday, 18 March 2019 10:18

Winegrowing production

Winegrowing production takes place within the B.U. Viticulture and Enology and is based on a plantation of approximately 800 ha of vineyards (400 ha of own and 400 ha cooperative), and from these areas we produce about 6 million liters of wine annually. Our wines are available in the wider region, and wine experts recognize them as synonymous with quality and reliability for countless years.
Friday, 22 February 2019 07:12

Rosé Premium 2018

  • The smell of this rose offers seducing aromas of red berries with cranberries enriched by fresh ingredients of herbal character being predominant. Specific mineral character is given to this wine by the terroir of Kutjevo with fully distinctive primary aromas that make this Rosé an ideal summer refreshment. It is recommended to enjoy this wine in special moments full of emotions served with lighter food.
  • Miris ovog rosea otvaraju zavodljive arome crvenog bobičastog voća među kojima dominira brusnica obogaćena svježim primjesama herbalnog karaktera. Specifičan mineralni karakter ovom vinu daje kutjevački terroir protkan punim izražajem primarnih aroma koje ovaj Rosé čine idealnim ljetnim osvježenjem. Preporuka: uživati u posebnim trenucima punim emocija, uz laganiju hranu.
Thursday, 07 February 2019 14:28

Laški rizling 1 L 2018

  • English
    In the heart of Slavonia, the grapes for this wine mature in the picturesque Kutjevo vinograd. In Kutjevo you can look back on a long tradition of wine growing from the 13th century. It is best to drink this white wine with meat dishes or fish dishes at the temperature between 10 °C and 12 °C.
  • Hrvatski
    U srcu Slavonije grožđe za ovo vino sazrijeva u slikovitom Kutjevačkom vinogorju. U Kutjevu se možete osvrnuti na dugu tradiciju gdje se vino se uzgaja od 13. stoljeća. Najbolje je to bijelo vino piti s jelima od mesa ili ribljim jelima, na temperaturi posluživanja između 10 °C i 12 °C.
  • Deutsch
    Im Herzen Slavoniens reifen in den pittoresken Weingarten van Kutjevo die Trauben for diesen Wein. In Kutjevo blickt man auf eine lange Tradition zurock. Seit dem 13. Jahrhundert wird hier Wein angebaut. Es empfiehlt sich, diesen weifsen Wein zu Fleisch - oder Fischgerichten, bei einer Trinktemperatur zwichen 10 °C und 12 °C zu serviren.

For the first time in Zagreb, and just like the best and the most successful ones, Kutjevo d.d. the celebration of this year's Feast of St. Martin, protector of winegrowers and vintners, celebrated in the magical space of "Lauba". Numerous high guests were addressed by the President of Kutjevo d.d. Board Josip Ređo, who also on behalf of the Board of affiliated companies and the owner of Kutjevo d.d. Enver Moralić expressed gratitude to everyone on arrival. In his speech, he briefly recalled tradition, won prizes at world and domestic wine competitions and this year's remarkable business successes. He also thanked all those present, business partners and friends who, by their presence, made this wine magic from Kutjevo d.d..

The guests spent the rest of the night with the tamburitza band "Dyaco", the traditional Feast of St. Martin delicacies and inevitably the best young Graševina in Croatia, which will be for the first time after many years on the shelves of supermarkets during this year's Christmas and New Year holidays. The ceremony of baptism of wine must was done by famous actor Vedran Mlikota, that evening in a role as wine bishop, assisted by members of the Požega Historical Unit Trenkovi panduri.

With Kutjevo d.d. employees and affiliated companies and numerous business partners at the celebration of Feast of St. Martin were high guests, former President of the Republic of Croatia Stjepan Mesić, former Montenegrin President Filip Vujanović, his excellency, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Republic of Croatia, his excellency, Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to the Republic of Croatia, his excellency Ambassador of Republic of Monetenegro to the Republic of Croatia and the Governor of Pozega-Slavonia county, Alojz Tomašević.

Wednesday, 31 October 2018 13:41

New offer




Besides imposing aesthetics, bottles of larger volumes, such as magnum, represent an ideal wine distillation ratio due to the lower air influence over the wine in the classical bottle. Taking into account that wine is a product, in a continuous evolution dimensions of bottle deeply affects the aging process of wine. Following this, Kutjevo d.d. presents the exclusive Magnum line.

Magnum Vrhunska Graševina is a new exclusive packaging of Kutjevo d.d. winery. High quality Graševina is the first high-quality wine of continental Croatia. A wine of golden yellow color with greenish notes, harmonious herbal and fruity aromas, refined and full of taste, rich in extract that ends with a characteristic and gentle sweetness. We recommend serving at 10-12 °C with top quality fish dishes and white meat dishes.

Magnum Maximo Nero presents an exclusive line of premium blend of cabernet sauvignon, merlot and syraha. It is characterized by its dark, red-purple color, its richness of scent, its roundness and its elegance. Tannin on palate is silken, and wine is rich in fruit. Extractively and a full wine is matched barrique components. We recommend serving at 18-20 °C with dark meat dishes, wild game meat, blue fish, and medium sized and lumpy cheeses.

From 1.11. do 15.11.  2018, these wines can be obtained at the action prices.
You can purchase these wines at our discounts:

Last weekend, Kutjevo winery successfully presented its premium wines in the luxurious Crystal Hall of Remisens Premium Hotel Kvarner in Opatija, where the second edition of the Hedonist Gourmet & Wine Festival was held. This prestigious gourmet event was attended by the best Croatian chefs along the forty most important wine houses. Numerous visitors did not hide their enthusiasm for premiuim wines from Kutjevo winery which once again proved to belong to the very top of Croatian winemaking.

Tuesday, 28 August 2018 12:40

Kutjevo d.d. - Worker's sport games 2018.

This year, organized by the Independent Trade Union of Food and Beverage Manufacturers and Kutjevo d.d. in Ovčare (Kutjevo municipality) were held 21st Worker's sport games. There were present numerous employees of Kutjevo d.d. and the affiliated companies (Božjakovina d.d. and Đakovačka vina d.d.), and as guests were workers and syndicate colleagues from Belje d.d.
Željko Jurić and Vinko Jušić, trade unionists, welcomed all the guests. The welcoming words were sent also by the Board member Kutjevo d.d. Josip Ređo and on behalf of owners Enver and Maxim Moralić.
"We have to create jobs, for our youth, we must create conditions for them, we must create the foundation for future generations to come," said Josip Ređo, Member of the Board Kutjevo d.d.
For all guests, traditional delicacies, especially the famous, roasted steer, which weight for almost 400 kilograms along with roast pork, Slavonian sausages, and plenty of drinks and beverages - top quality wines.
Worker's sport games, were consisted of tournaments in mini football, volleyball, bowling and belote for men, darts and belot for women. It was an opportunity to take photos with those young employees, up to age of 35, who are employed last year and a half, who guarantee the future of Kutjevo d.d. but also survival on their birth land from which they wont need to leave.
For the fun part of the games were responsible the young Tamburitza band De Gotho, led by Mihael Ribičić.
At the 21st Sports Games, the most successful by sports were:
a) Mini football
- The first place was won by the Đakovačka vina d.d.
- The second place was won by the Business unit Vinogradarstvo team
- Third place was won by the BU Stočarstvo team
b) Volleyball (mixed teams)
- The first place was won by the BU Ratarstvo, Ovčare plant
- The 2nd place was won by Organizational unit Uprava 2
- Third place was won by OU Uprava 1
c) Bowling (male)
- The first place was won by the Đakovačka vina d.d.
- The second place was won by the team BU Vinogradarstvo - Krivaj
- Third place was won by BU Požežanka
d) Bowling (Women)
- Without competition from the BU Vinogradarstvo - Vinkomir team
e) Darts (women)
- The first place was won by the BU Vinogradarstvo team
- The second place was won by the BU Koperacija team
- The third place was won by the Đakovačka vina d.d.
f) Belot (mixed pairs)
- The first place was won by D. Sračić and D. Čevapović (BU Ratarstvo, Ovčare)
- The second place was won by D. Rajf and F. Puljašić (BU Vinogradarstvo)
- Third and fourth place are divided by pairs M. Jurišić - J. Papratović and Z. Bešlić - G. Balas

On worker's sport games there were 378 employees of Kutjevo d.d., 17 employees of Božjakovina d.d., 50 workers of Đakovačka vina d.d., 28 pensioners of Kutjevo d.d., 7 employees of Belje d.d. (members of NSR PHP) and 7 trade union activists from other unions, friends of NSR PHP, which means that games were attended by 487 people.

This year's grape harvest in general began earlier, and so is on planted surfaces of Kutjevo d.d. Wine cellars are prepared and oenologists are eagerly awaiting grapes which, despite very demanding year, is by quality standards very good. Such grapes from beautiful vines guarantee that they will be able to produce the finest droplet of wine that is more and more sought after on the markets of Croatia and other countries.
These days has begun harvest of early varieties. In vineyards above Hrnjevac along technologists and agronomists, we also catch wine pickers that doesn't bother high temperatures even though the thermometer shows in some places even 34 °C.
- As you can see, we started with a Muscat Ottonel, and then with harvest of Pinot gris and Traminer. After harvest of these varieties next comes Zweigelt, Graševina, Cabernet sauvignon and Merlot - says Zdravko Raguž, technologist in Kutjevo d.d. winery.
Kutjevo d.d. has planted vineyards on 420 hectares. 360 hectares will be harvested, and this year's harvest will last between 30 and 35 days.
We were convinced in good quality of the grape by ourself. It is more than a good quality which is guarantor for production of a premium droplet of wine for which will be take care by well-known, proven and experienced oenologists.
- We took samples and analyzed them. According to the indicators and the parameters of quality, it can be said it is above expectations - Raguž added, continuing that quality of grapes at their subcontractors is very good also, which is controlled on a daily basis by agronomists and oenologists who ultimately make the decision when it is best to start with the harvest.
Kutjevo d.d. cooperates with subcontractors with slightly more than 320 hectares of vineyards.
Harvest of most commonly cultivated variety Graševina, which is also of high quality, is expected around the time of Feast of the Nativity of Mary, starting from those of better positions according to the already established parameters.
Cabernet sauvignon and Merlot are the last varieties to be harvested to finish the harvest on the vineyards of Kutjevo d.d.. After that, they start the most demanding jobs for oenologists and cellars, who will have to watch every change in barrels with a watchful eye.
Source: pozega.eu

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